XYZ with Noah Ornstein



For the last 15 years, Jayaram has evolved into the first stop for creatives, entrepreneurs, and the brands they run, for top tier legal service and guidance­—but they want more!  They want us to deepen our relationships and become true strategic partners through the entire creative and corporate life cycle.

How have we responded? With a new consulting service and a new Jayaram web application, rapidly developing.

Noah Ornstein tells us all about “XYZ,” the working title to Jayaram’s first in industry brand extension, focused on enabling ventures and bringing technology solutions to our Jayaram clients and community.






  1. Jayaram is developing a new web application. Where will this live?

    First, on the web at and, then, on your mobile devices. .xyz also has tie-ins to our immersive art + office (really, social!) spaces. It’s about ideas coming to life and innovators making things happen. So, it’s got to live where innovation lives!

  2. When Jayaram talks about “consulting,” what does that mean?

    Well, we help tell companies’ stories and, with our community, help bring those stories to life. Alright, in a bit more consultant-speak – our consulting service helps shape a venture’s business model (it’s story), validate and refine it with feedback loops within our community, recommend key changes within the business to support the refined story, and hook the company up with otherwise inaccessible potential investors and strategic partners from within our community. The .xyz web app also has tools to help give these businesses a boost in getting to the next level.

  3. Is Jayaram developing its own “legaltech”?

    Oh, yeah. Our community pushes the boundaries, and rightly expects us to also. They want us looking ahead to what’s coming. So we’re making what’s coming! And why not? We’re literal artists, gallerists and affectionados, techies, consultants and dream builders here. So, we’re building things we know intimately, focused on enabling innovators to make things happen together and the tech tools to accelerate that!

  4. Will the digital version of The Innovator also live there?

    For sure, and then some…You’ll be able to access past and current articles and full issues of The Innovator. More than that, the web app will have more articles, news and happenings from around our community of creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators, as well as cool legal entertainment[TM] – LOL, yes it sounds like an oxymoron, but think thought-provoking, educational and fun, featuring amazing creators and innovators. 

  5. Describe how a client, let’s say a founder scaling a fashion tech startup, would use and find value in .xyz?

    Great question! I think that it starts with creating opportunity and ends with a vision made real! The founder will be a member of a literal, exclusive innovator-client community in the app, including with contemporaries and fashion, tech, and investment leaders. Community members will be able to find and connect with each other, connect with us for matchmaking help, ask questions and solicit feedback from within the community, book space in our social-hub offices (only for our community) to hang and create together, and for programming.

    The founder can use the same community feature to build the startup’s own exclusive community for social impact, marketing, client service….The founder may be profiled or given a voice through the magazine part of the web app, getting exposure to a broader audience. Via the app, the founder will get access to best-in-class, AI + attorney-in-the-middle[TM] legal software services to get things done, so the founder can focus on the dream. And, when the founder otherwise needs us for law or consulting or mentorship, we’ll be one-click away.

  6. How is .xyz related to Jayaram Law?

    .xyz is an independent extension of Jayaram Law. Though, perhaps think of .xyz and Jayaram Law like siblings and teammates. They share an ethos and a mandate to help enable original ideas by getting things done. And they support each other in various practical and strategic ways. For instance, .xyz enables Jayaram Law to supercharge its content, physical spaces and network with tech, in addition to .xyz being broadly available in the market. And a customer can use Jayaram Law’s leading attorneys as attorneys-in-the-middle of AI-enhanced, software-based services. With Jayaram Law, Consulting and .xyz, an innovator can really make things happen!

  7. When do we get to see this thing in action?

    We started building in Q3:2023 with a pretty big team of amazing engineers and creatives, and we’ll spend the next couple of quarters collaborating with a small group of clients and other community members to refine various parts of the app before opening it up to our broader community and the larger public. So relatively soon! (Let us know if you’d like to be an early adopter, LOL!)