Case Study

Wheels Up
on Web3

When a major airline sought to enter the new-to-them, lucrative metaverse space, they found it wasn’t so new to Jayaram. What they also found was the need for a traffic controller who could chart their path through the many infringements that were already on the horizon. Not-so-new to us, Jayaram was in flight in no time.

Client Challenge

The client, a major international commercial airline, owns an
extraordinarily robust portfolio of domestic and international trademarks.
Although the client was using a historically top-tier trademark
prosecution firm, that firm lacked the experience and fluency within the
Web3 space that Jayaram has. Because the airline wanted to create new
programs and activations in various Web3 environments, it sought to find
a firm that had both world-class prosecution experience as well as an
intimate understanding of Web3. Additionally, although the client did not
know it when it first found Jayaram, it was experiencing widespread
infringement of its marks on major Web3 platforms such as OpenSea and
Roblox. The client was also committed to using a firm that shared its
passion for diversity and inclusion.

Strategies, Tactics, and Solutions

The client retained Jayaram based on its deep expertise in trademark prosecution and Web3. We quickly organized an onboarding team who effectively transferred the client’s entire worldwide trademark portfolio to our care—and at no cost. We went straight to work, prosecuting marks to be used in new digital spaces and in the metaverse. Using state of the art technology, we also policed the metaverse for unlawful uses of the client’s trademarks, and implemented an aggressive takedown strategy. We counseled the client on its Web3 usage in commerce, and immediately added value to the client’s already valuable portfolio.

Favorable Outcomes & Happy Clients

The client was thrilled. Not only was their entire portfolio transferred seamlessly and without any cost or interruption, but they immediately saw the value of Jayaram as we prosecuted new marks in classes appropriate for Web3 usage, all while maintaining and strengthening the existing portfolio. We continue to advise them and manage the portfolio on a worldwide basis, and intend on handling all disputes and TTAB proceedings that arise from the portfolio.