What Inspired You In 2021?





With 2021 in the rearview mirror, we at Jayaram Law have much to be thankful for and that we were inspired by in the last 12 months. 

Before we rush into the new year with all the excitement it deserves, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the events and happenings—that came in all shapes and sizes!—that inspired us to keep moving forward and to be our best selves. What inspired you this year?


Heather Burkett-Ocasio

As odd as it may seem, I think I’ve been most inspired by the opportunity for introspection that quarantine has provided. These past 21 months have been very much like being cocooned in my home, so I’ve seen it as a chance to grow as a person. By truly pursuing my talents and passions for the first time, I’m ready to emerge a brand new me!

Liz Auster–muehle

Healthcare workers! I spent a lot of time with the healthcare system this past year and was continually inspired by the dedication, compassion, and hard work of all the doctors, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare workers I was in contact with.

Julia Broder

Mia-Hanson Løve’s Bergman Island, the American West, and Emily Dickinson.

Zahreen Ghaznavi

Medicine and technology! Medicine because the COVID-19 vaccine was developed so quickly and is saving so many lives, and technology which has continued to connect people long distance and allows me to work with my colleagues all over the country.

Erica Kerman

The continued resilience and adaptability of so many small, local businesses and non-profits who found creative and diverse ways to continue serving their communities in 2021.

Priya Gianino

In a strange way, the ongoing pandemic inspired me most in 2021. It sparked a move closer to family and forced me to take stock of what I think is most important: family, friendships, and health.

Cassie Hightman

I was inspired when Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first woman and woman of color Vice President of the United States.

Palak Patel

This past year, I have been inspired by the emphasis and acceptance of the fact that mental health is important. Specifically, Simone Biles, one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time, inspired the world to prioritize their own mental health when she chose to do the same at the 2021 Olympics rather than compete for more gold medals.

Vivek Jayaram

This year, like most, I was inspired by artists who challenge me to consider a different point of view and embrace the unknown. I was also inspired by healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, and—maybe most of all—my teammates.

Michael Nosanchuk

The thing that inspired me most in 2021 was the US Open Women’s final between Leylah Fernandez and Emma Raducanu.

Srinidhi Krishnan

What inspired me most in 2021 was realizing that most of the ‘what-if’s’ in your head never happen, and if some do, you can get through that too—so go for it!

Wendy Heilbut

I was inspired by Jayaram Law’s growth; the resilience of New York City; my kids going back to school; and welcoming a daily meditation practice into my life

Joshua Herrington

This year, I’ve been most inspired by our capacity to care: as individuals, as friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even alongside strangers in the streets

Heidi Yernberg

Science–I am amazed how we can go from identifying a new virus to having vaccines available to having billions of people fully vaccinated! There’s nothing that we can’t do if we use our collective wisdom and intelligence to better the world.

Kelly Caputo

The #FreeBritney movement. From this, everyone learned how passion and refusing to take no for an answer can actually yield results, and help a small movement grow into something huge.

Kenneth Anand

Partnerships and collaboration. In 2021, I have learned the power of building strong partnerships and collaborating with like-minded people to continue to build a meaningful career. I’m always inspired by others and grateful for their input.

Ariel Cordero

I was inspired by my family and friends!

Victoria Minneman

My daughter inspired me that no matter what is going on, you can always do your best! Not only did she have to learn to adapt to a new remote way of life, she did it with grace, humility, and patience all while being a straight A+ student, a champion horse rider, and a true gift from God.

Michelle Butler

What inspired me most in 2021 was realizing that most of the ‘what-if’s’ in your head never happen, and if some do, you can get through that too—so go for it!

Nicole Harris

In 2021 I was inspired by the hard work, dedication, and resilience shown by my classmates and colleagues who, in spite of a tumultuous year and many unconventional barriers such as online learning, managed to grow, learn, and ultimately graduate from law school and pass the bar exam!

Andrew Flippo

This year I was inspired by the founders we represent, each of whom are taking risks and putting themselves out there to achieve big things.

Danny O’Neill

I’ve been inspired by the ingenuity and resilience of my co-workers and clients to adapt to the difficulties of the pandemic. From accommodating people’s individual level of comfort with in-person meetings, to making swift changes in response to ever-shifting regulations, I am proud to work with and know people who meet each challenge that this pandemic presents with bravery and positivity.

Darlene Dos Santos

What inspires me today and always is my son Nikolas. He is a brave kiddo living and thriving with Tourette’s Syndrome and learning disabilities, but he never gives up. No matter what comes, he is always happy and smiling, ready for his next challenge. He teaches me a great life lesson every single day.

Danielle Maggia–como

Parents—who continued to do ALL of the things in 2021. Hats off to all of you who have started or grown a business during the COVID-19 era, all while devoting more time than ever to family.

Meghan Niego

My family inspired me in 2021, especially my 2 and 4 year olds. They are so energetic and excited to learn and see everything! They make me slow down and appreciate the small things!

Pam Unger

I was inspired by all the frontline workers taking the lead in getting vaccinated, all the students and teachers who ensured it wasn’t a “lost year,” and my colleagues at Jayaram Law who gave it their all while staying true to the company’s culture.

Anthony Williams

I went fishing for bass this past spring. I couldn’t get a bite all day. I gave up and started packing and whaddaya know? My rod got a strike and I caught a bass. Moral of the story? Sometimes we find things when we completely give up on looking for them.