Use Email as Part of Your Collections Strategy

Email is one of the most effective methods used by sales and marketing to obtain
new customers, increase sales and maintain customer satisfaction. It can also be used by savvy
companies to assist in collection efforts.

Here are some ways you can use email as part of your collections strategy:

Invoice alert – when an invoice is mailed, email the customer a short note telling them it’s on
the way and reminding them of their payment terms. Better yet, attach a copy of the invoice to your email and always have a .pdf version of the invoice handy in case you are emailed or called by a client. Thank them for paying promptly.

Payment reminder – five days prior to an invoice coming due, send an email to your customer
with a courteous message reminding them of the due date.

Past due reminders – five days after an invoice is unpaid, send an email notice (attaching the invoice) that the payment may have been overlooked and ask for immediate remittance. You may also want
to schedule these emails weekly until the invoice is paid.

If you do not receive the response you want
– i.e., the invoice remains unpaid – consider hiring
a business debt collection attorney to help you collect your outstanding invoices as quickly as

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