The Last Resort Premieres on Netflix

We’re proud to share that a new documentary, The Last Resort, produced and co-directed by firm client Dennis Scholl, premiered on Netflix earlier this year and is receiving wonderful reviews. The Last Resort leads viewers back to the bygone era of 1970s Miami Beach, from its boom as the hottest retirement spot for the Jewish community, to its decline as drugs and crime took over. The story is told through the lenses of American photographers Andy Sweet and Gary Monroe.

The Miami Herald calls it “affectionate, thoughtful, and hugely entertaining” and the Hollywood Reporter described the documentary as, “poignantly nostalgic.”

“Much thanks to our friends at Jayaram Law for helping through the legal thicket of archival footage clearances and other issues that came up during the creative process of making The Last Resort! I already have them signed up for our next film about Bunny Yeager, a pinup model who became the first woman pin up photographer to shoot for Playboy.” – Dennis Scholl

We’re all very excited for all the fascinating documentary projects Dennis has in the pipeline. Don’t forget to add The Last Resort to your Netflix queue!