The Good Stuff — Sardine Can Design

In lieu of photographs of mouth-watering haute cuisine or top-down Instagram friendly snaps of our lunch, we thought you might enjoy something a little more relatable, but no less beautiful: canned food! Yep, it turns out that canned food is actually pretty delicious. Well, if not physically, then at least visually. In particular, sardine cans. You see, some tinned sardines actually get better with age. In Europe, particularly in Portugal, aged sardines are considered quite a delicacy. For that reason, the world of sardine can design and sardine branding has developed its own rather unique, and rather beautiful, retro aesthetic. Originally a luxury, canned sardines became a staple after the war. But the traditional visual cues of upmarket provenance and craft continued into the mass market, and into the modern day. Beat that Instagram.