Q + A with Liz

A touch more about who Liz is and what makes her an incredible partner.

JL: Hi Liz, those pages about you have been great, but here’s where we cut loose a little. First up, an easy one, what’s the one movie you love more than any other – and why?

LA: I’m not someone that generally rewatches movies, but we play The Last Waltz on repeat every Thanksgiving, so I have a lot of good memories associated with it. 

JL: Next; travel. Where would you most love to visit? Could be near or far, up to you, doesn’t matter, but give us a reason.

LA: Morocco! I’ve wanted to go to Morocco for years, but the timing has never worked out. I’ve spent a lot of time in France for school and work, but I’d love to explore more of the world where French is spoken, and Morocco is at the top of the list. 

JL: This is often a toughie. Imagine we’re casting you away on a desert island. You’re allowed to take one album with you. Which one and why?

LA: Wilco – Being There. It is hard to pick a favorite Wilco album, but Being There is a double album so it has the most variety for playing on repeat while stranded. 

JL: OK, you’re back home from your desert island. Tell us your favourite thing about Oak Park.

LA: All the old houses! I love architecture and design, so I feel lucky to live around so many Frank Lloyd Wrights and other beautiful homes

JL: Now then, you’re a successful, loving, professional mother, so how about sharing a parenting tip? Is there anything that seems to have worked particularly well for you?

LA: Maybe not a tip, but more of a mindset. I try to keep in mind how fast time goes by and how quickly kids change. That applies to the really cute and the less cute stages equally! 

JL: Quick one, give us one word that describes the pandemic for you. [or] Quick one, give us one word that best describes your pandemic experience.

LA: Hectic!

JL: Who do you look up to? Tell us a bit about someone you really admire.

LA: It is a cliche at this point, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Her advocacy for equal rights, determination to battle sexism, intelligence, work ethic, and ability to practice law at the highest levels while raising a family, are all things that I really admire. 

JL: Just briefly turning back to work, is there a particular client that stands out for you – and why?

LA: I love all our clients, but the pro bono work I’ve done has certainly been the most meaningful and personal. I’ve helped a number of families gain asylum, which is a deeply moving experience. Most recently, I was able to help a man obtain compassionate release in light of prison conditions during the pandemic. 

JL: And finally, tell us something we don’t know about you.

LA: Growing up, I wanted to be a writer. It hasn’t happened yet, but maybe I’ll find the time one of these days!