Case Study

Overhauling Engagements for 'Suite' Outcomes

A global consulting leader turned to Jayaram for engagement know-how. We went from legal advisor to a trusted key component of sales operations in record time.

Client Challenge

Our client is the largest executive recruiting firm on the planet, placing C-Suite employees in major corporations around the world. After working with Jayaram to obtain successful outcomes arising out of engagement letter disputes, it was clear to the client that it needed to overhaul its engagement letter form and negotiating process. To manage their success, the client needed better control of its high volume of engagement letters, requiring quick turnaround and high quality drafting to protect the client’s interests and close deals.

Strategies, Tactics, and Solutions

Jayaram worked closely with the GC and AGC to overhaul an outdated engagement agreement, including to better design it for high-volume, low-risk execution, and then to manage the engagement process. Jayaram created a chart of “major provisions,” which provided a roadmap for team members to address the most negotiated clauses, and guidelines for redlining agreements. Following program design and a workshop with the client, Jayaram began reviewing, negotiating, and finalizing engagement agreements on a weekly basis, having to rarely engage with the client because of the collaborative program design and Jayaram’s efficient execution.

Favorable Outcomes & Happy Clients

The client has not had a single litigation related to engagement letters since Jayaram transformed the agreement and process. Further, the chart, guidelines, and process created by Jayaram—and team execution— created a shorter engagement process, which resulted in a shorter overall search process and increased revenue and business for the client.