Case Study

Next Big Thing
Needs Next Level
Legal Team

A promising menswear brand had a vision to be the next Ralph Lauren. But it needed a legal partner to help get it there. Who did they choose? Jayaram.

Client Challenge

Early on, a New York-based streetwear company had a big idea for menswear, but no money or legal guidance to get there. Luckily, it knew that if it didn’t get the business structure right from the jump, the venture may not end up on shelves and in customer’s hands. It needed advice from a team that could service them holistically, thinking through the corporate functions and structure, the protection of its marks (already being counterfeited), and its future funding strategy. The company needed everything and in between, all while maintaining the street cred that is critical to its brand, meaning every step needed to look effortless to the public.

Strategies, Tactics, and Solutions

Leveraging our deep bench of talent in IP and corporate law, Jayaram got straight to work on pressing matters to get the company IP in shape and ready for funding in general. To begin, the firm effectively and efficiently prosecuted the brand’s most important trademarks on a global basis and simultaneously stopped counterfeiting and infringement operations, all within the first 3 years and before the brand received any outside funding. Jayaram won IP disputes for the brand in New York, Germany, China, and the UK, and successfully defended several claims involving name, image,and likeness. 

Today, they are a top tier luxury brand, with stores in NY and Europe, and growing fast. Simultaneously, we were preparing the company for future funding. When the investors came knocking, Jayaram was there to support diligence and the transaction, which resulted in a 20% investment at a $300 million valuation. Jayaram is now tackling the next phase of the client’s needs so it can maintain its meteoric rise. 

Favorable Outcomes & Happy Clients

Luxury powerhouse conglomerate LVMH has now taken a minority interest in the client, a blockbuster milestone by any brand’s standards. Jayaram remains outside General Counsel to the client today, as it continues to open new stores across Europe and in the United States.