Man Pleads Guilty For Overseeing Illegal Collection Agency

A Buffalo man pled guilty recently to felony charges of mail fraud and tax evasion in connection with an illegal collections business he is accused of running.

According to the complaint filed against Neil G. Wieczkowski, 42, he employed scare tactics when he called people to erroneously tell them they owed money. He is also accused of threatening to have them arrested at work, in front of employers and colleagues.

Furthermore, it is alleged that he and a 38-year-old co-conspirator deposited nearly $7 million in checks written by more than 1,000 individuals they are accused of swindling. Charges against the co-conspirator, who sometimes pretended to be a debt collection attorney when contacting victims, are still pending. Wieczkowski, who faces up to five years and three months in prison, will be formally sentenced April 26.

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