Case Study

Karaoke Copyright Copycats

When it comes to karaoke tunes, our client’s work is at the top of everyone’s playlist. What it didn’t realize it needed were additional protections to safeguard against illegal reproduction. That’s when Jayaram stepped up to the mic.

Client Challenge

Our client is the world’s largest producer of karaoke music. It’s tracks are rampantly copied, shared, and distributed online and in bars and restaurants around the world, all without consent. As producer of the karaoke tracks, however, the client did not necessarily have the copyrights needed to enforce rights under the Copyright Act.

Strategies, Tactics, and Solutions

To combat the unlawful usage, Jayaram devised a creative solution with the client to bring trademark infringement suits arising out of the use of the client’s registered marks at the beginning and at the end of each karaoke video. Working closely with the C-Suite and General Counsel,
we led a nationwide effort to stop the unauthorized use of the karaoke tracks in commercial establishments around the United States. We
developed a nationwide network of local counsel and aggressively policed the client’s intellectual property rights in dozens of districts
around the country. We obtained many preliminary injunctions and judgments in favor of our client. Most importantly, we were able to use the litigation process to not only settle lawsuits, but to create licensing deals with venues and others around the country so that they could enjoy lawful usage of the tracks on a going forward basis.

Favorable Outcomes & Happy Clients

The client would not have survived years of intense infringement were it not for a creative and comprehensive countrywide solution that finally slowed down the unauthorized usage of the tracks. Jayaram exercised the Lanham Act to keep the business alive and sustainable during an uncertain time, allowing the client to rest easy while we kept infringers at bay.