Jayaram Law’s Subscription Based Fee Model For Startups

By Johanna Hyman


It’s been about 10 years since law firms, like most everybody else, were forced to adjust to the new economy. The traditional hourly-rate model grew to become unsustainable, and unconventional pricing structures and new fee quickly gained popularity with entrepreneurs and other sophisticated purchasers of legal services. From the bootstrapped founder answering to a Board of Directors to a scaling software platform facing unpredictable trademark litigation over its brand, the question often remains the same: “What will it cost me?”

Having worked with emerging ventures since its inception in 2009, our firm immediately began offering its clients a variety of flat fee and project-based billing models.  These efforts have culminated in a new offering for our clients, Options for Innovators, a subscription based fee model that offers various flat fee packages suited for today’s new and growing ventures.  For example, for $4500, a founder can buy our “Seed” package, which offers all documents related to the formation of a new DE C-Corp., distribution of founder’s equity, preparation of Bylaws, all initial corporate resolutions, a standard customer/user agreement, and trademark registration.  It’s a bundle that helps provides certainty for our clients and eliminates much of the anxiety and sticker shock that ordinarily accompanies law firm proposals (which, by the way, don’t typically include much other than an hourly rate).  Our Options for Innovators packages dont stop there.  We offer additional monthly subscriptions from $2,000-$10,000, allowing companies to call on us as needed, whether that might be a small project a month to a comprehensive outsourcing of your company’s legal function.

Our deep expertise advising startups is a good starting point, but we understand that providing unparalleled service and guidance isn’t enough in today’s marketplace.  We understand that our startup clients are as cost conscious as any, and we’ve structured a subscription that addresses their pain points accordingly.

Email me at johanna@jayaramlaw.com or click here to learn more about our Options for Innovators subscription models.