How to Check a Business Customer’s Credit

It’s been said that, “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”  Ensuring that a business you plan to extend credit to is worthy and able to repay it is key to running a successful enterprise.  Here are some key ways to check a business customer’s credit:

Credit reports – credit reports reveal key data that is central to decision-making about extending credit, including payment history, corporate records, bankruptcy filings, liens and tax judgments.

Financial statements – asking customers for financial statements helps you gauge the financial health of the company.

Credit references – ask your customer for a list of suppliers they already do business with, and phone them yourself.

Letters of credit – for new businesses, bona fide letters of credit are good indicators of a company’s ability to pay in the future.

Personal credit reports – if you’re thinking about extending credit to a new or closely held business where a credit report may not be available, run a personal credit check on the owner or CEO.  If they have a good credit history, there’s a better chance their company will take its obligations to pay seriously as well.

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