HOURS : Kelly Caputo

We often are asked what a normal day looks like for our team. Normal is something most of us don’t know much about, but in our recurring column—HOURS—we unpack the daily routines of our colleagues.


Somehow since the pandemic started, I’ve become an early riser and a morning person! I set my alarm for 6:00 AM every morning and head to the gym for an early strength-training workout followed by a quick run. I’m training for an annual 5k race that I do in the summer with my family, and I get very competitive. It’s the best time to go to the gym because it isn’t too busy, and getting a workout in first-thing makes me feel productive. 


After getting ready for my day at home, I hop on the train for my commute. It’s about a 40-minute train ride, and I use that time to listen to music, podcasts, and check any emails that came in overnight so that I’m ready to go once I get to the office.


After a quick matcha tea stop, I get to the office. The first hour of my day is generally pretty quiet, and I use it to continue emailing. We have a hybrid work model, but a few of us are in the office today, which I always love to see! I love having the option to work at home, but I look forward to actually getting to speak to my colleagues in person. Plus, the view at our New York office is incomparable.


Today, our new firm CEO, Noah, is in town, so he and I head out for a walking meeting. We discover an amazing cake shop in Chelsea, and grab some cookies for the team, and make sure to take a mental note of the space!


Joshua, our VP of Strategic Communications, and I head out to grab lunch at one of our favorite fast-casual spots nearby, and to catch up on some projects that we are working on together. I usually try to bring my own lunch from home, but can easily be tempted by a falafel salad!


Noah and I have our second meeting of the day to go over some specific matters, such as engagement and onboarding. My role here is best described as a hybrid role: where no two days are the same, but these are two aspects of my job that never change. I love having something totally different to do each day!


After our meeting, I spend the rest of my day running productivity reports for our team and corresponding with vendors. I’m really excited to look into Mindfulness and wellness benefits for our team, so I get in touch with a few different vendors to see what options are out there.


Time for the train ride home. On my ride home, I generally try actively to not think about work. I’ll catch up on texts and social media posts that I’ve ignored throughout the day. My friends are never surprised when they get dozens of messages from me at once after 5:30PM! Sometimes I’ll bring a book, but mainly, I listen to music. As all of my colleagues know, this week, it’s Harry Styles’ new album on repeat.


After a quick dinner, I head out to my vinyasa yoga class. I’ve been going to the same studio for years, and really love the environment there. I always try to do something active after work, whether it’s yoga, or the Beach Volleyball team that I play on with my friends during the summer (I’m not good, but I’ll do anything that means I get to go to the beach!). Of course, I could easily be enticed to skip that all and go out to dinner with friends some nights too—especially if it’s for sushi!









By 9PM, it’s time for me to decompress! I usually watch a little bit of TV, read a book, or do a bit of amigurumi crochet before bed. Right now, I’m watching 

The Sopranos for the first time. It might not be the most peaceful show to watch before bed, but I can’t stop now!


Lights are out at 10PM for me on weekdays! I try to get a full 8-hours of sleep before waking up and doing it all over again!