HOURS: Jacqueline Schmidt

What does a normal day look like for an innovator? Anything but normal. HOURS unpacks what a day in the life looks like for our most interesting clients and collaborators.


Jacqueline is the Chief Creative Officer at Everyrealm, our pals who have been innovative solutions for avid social gamers. They also manage three venture-style investment funds that invest in related businesses and technologies! Scaling a venture-backed company is time-consuming and demanding, just ask Jacqueline, who was kind enough to share her daily routine with us.



5:00 AM

I wish I had to set the alarm, but instead, I naturally rise between 5-5:30 am daily. Our cat Wilder herds me to his food bowl before I begin preparing the kid’s breakfast and lunch boxes. While the kids eat breakfast, I steal some time to get ready and exercise ideally before I get the kids prepped for school. My one sacred morning ritual, a fresh squeezed cup of grapefruit juice, is something I try my best not to skip.


7:00 AM

We are out the door if all went off without a hitch. I walk one of my kids to school in the morning and we shoot the breeze about basketball, current events or whatever my son has on the top of his mind. I love our walks, it’s a highlight of my day for sure.


7:20 AM

I call my mom every morning on the way to work without fail. I’m on the train by 7:30 am and that is the time for me to catch up on personal and work emails. If it’s a light load on that front, then I can indulge in Pinterest (my favorite source of eye-candy) pinning all sorts of creative inspiration.


8:00 AM

I arrive at the office, settle in, make a cup of green tea to fortify my day. I add steamed oat or almond milk if I have the luxury. Then I check my calendar to see what is ahead, continue to respond to any outstanding emails and map out my list of things-to-do for the day.


9:00 AM

Throughout the day, I work alongside our creative, product, marketing and business development team identifying ideas and solutions and how to best execute on them. We have a standing creative stand-up to review our current projects which takes form as a visual show and tell and discussion. We have meetings to go over our marketing strategy, brainstorm and to make sure we are on track to reach our milestones. We review the product as it’s being built to make sure we have the best user journey and to make sure we are meeting the business objectives at hand. Communication is key and we have what seems the right amount of group calls for planning and time left for execution. The team is also really fun and funny so belly laughter gets woven into the fabric of the day.


12:00 PM

Lunch time. A sucker for fried chicken sandwiches, Sweet chick or Sticky’s is my guilty pleasure. A kale salad is how I compliment the rest of the week (this is the part where I convince myself that my diet is balanced.) I say that while eating a bag of peanut butter M&M’s.


1:00 PM

At this time of the day, we are all in action mode. Hustle, dream, create, play, laugh, throw spaghetti at the wall, aha moments, action, repeat. Our team sport is ping pong and at around 5 pm, there are a few competitions among our team members. It’s a great moment in the day for bonding and recalibration.


5:30 PM

I hop on the train to pick up my youngest. And yes, I call my mom again.


6:00 PM

I prepare dinner. My oldest Finn loves exotic food, my younger one Ryder likes anything that is white, so I end up making 3 different meals. Yup. Then while they shower and wind down, I continue to work on anything that needs attention or that didn’t get wrapped in the day work-wise.


7:30 PM

If I’m lucky and the time permits, my sons and I take advantage of Prospect Park. We live across the street and do a run or bike ride together. A ritual we all love that has already created lifelong memories. Red tailed hawks, owls, swans, chipmunks, bunnies, walking sticks, and horse sightings are regular for us. 700 acres of trees and wildlife outside our doorstep. The kids call it their “front yard.” Sometimes, I have to pinch myself. The park is very soothing and calm and a nice counterbalance to the bustle of my day.



8:45 PM

We start to wind down and the aromatherapy machine is activated. A woodsy santal or lavender scent begins to percolate. The kids are wrapped in soft linen sheets, lavender is sprayed on their pillows and the cat begins to purr. The nightly options for bedtime are a book or meditation. The kids especially like guided meditations. Most recently my kids completed the 21 day Deepak Chopra abundance meditation. They absolutely loved it. Prior to that, we stayed up way too late to watch the NBA playoffs. We are big fans of basketball.



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