Hours: Carolina Garcia Jayaram

6:00 AM

For years, I’ve woken up naturally around 6am. It’s a blessing because I haven’t used an alarm in over 15 years and I believe the body should wake up naturally, but it can be a curse when I get to sleep late as no matter what, my body wakes at this time. Getting up slowly, I first drink the full glass of water I place on my night table the night before. I open the shades and look out at our back garden as the sun is rising, which always fills me with gratitude for living in such a beautiful place.

I head downstairs and make the most of the next 45 or so minutes before the kids wake up. I do my pranayama breathing, followed by metta meditation and when I can squeeze it in, journaling, which is always especially helpful early in the morning to clear away the cobwebs. I’d love to write more in the morning as that’s when I’m sharpest – it’s all downhill from there!


7:00 AM

A flurry of parenting duties between checking and answering urgent emails/slacks/texts, waking the little one, making breakfasts and lunch, filling water bottles, letting dogs out, tying shoes, brushing teeth, hair styling for our middle schooler, reviewing after school schedules, asking 25 or so times to put screens down and finally piling into the car with the boys and Vivek to do both kids’ drop offs at two different schools across town – a highlight of our day when we play loud music, plan for our weekends and argue a little more about screens.


9:00 AM

Most mornings, this is my time for yoga – either at my yoga shala, Ahana, or twice a week with Vivek doing hot yoga with our teacher, Paul, which is a huge gift. Yoga is great for marriage! I then rush home, shower, make my favorite smoothie and head out to my office unless I’m working from home. 


11:00 AM

I love getting to my office in Wynwood around this time because nearly everyone Is already there and I get to come in and greet the team, including the dogs who are a mainstay at the office and bring us all so much joy. I start taking meetings with my team for the next hour or so and if I don’t have a lunch meeting, I generally eat with my colleagues and use this time to catch up with them about life. Many days, though, I do have a lunch meeting as I love ideating and problem solving over a shared meal.  


1:00 PM

My afternoons are never the same. I’m either on calls, writing remarks for an upcoming presentation, preparing for an interview, reviewing marketing decks, reading proposals or any number things of that help my team move the foundation forward. On the occasional Friday, I take off early and meet a friend for a beach walk or get a facial. 


6:30 PM

I try not to go out more than two evenings a week, so at this time I’m either headed to a dinner or event or home for family dinner. We love to use this time to catch up with the boys and play games like rose + thorn to pry information out of them about their days. We play outside with our dog, Dharma, and ease into the evening, trying to keep from getting sucked back into work emails but that happens, too. 


8:00 PM

Evening routine of showers, book reading and snuggles before getting into bed to read, listen to a podcast or occasionally, watch a show. I check my calendar for the next day and plan for what I need to wear or mentally prepare for if it’s an interview or public event. I try to be asleep by around 11pm so I’m getting enough sleep but if I’m reading a really good book or in the middle of a true crime podcast, I’ll usually stay up later than I should. I try not to look at my phone or any blue screen after 9pm, but I’m not always great about it even though I know it affects the quality of my sleep.