Case Study

Feeding The Beast

A leading private equity client needed to operationalize NDA processing to feed its huge appetite for investment opportunities. Just call us ‘Chef.’

Client Challenge

A leading private equity firm and longtime client with over $7 billion AUM and 400+ investments focuses solely on founder-run and family-owned businesses. This client hunts insatiably for new opportunities, and receives frequent outreach from business brokers and sellers. This means that the client has a constant need for quickly negotiating NDAs to enable vetting and acting on new prospects before its competitors. Managing and effectively working these NDAs was too much for the firm’s internal team to do successfully. 

Strategies, Tactics, and Solutions

We quickly got up to speed on the client’s NDA “playbook” to understand its preferences and tolerances for a range of points commonly found in NDAs, and to address rules for outlier asks from counterparties. We then strategically curated a team to tackle this client’s challenge, setting up a bespoke workflow to ensure efficient client-Jayaram collaboration, and putting a detailed work plan into action including multiple review and editing layers utilizing the best resources based on cost and capability. Within a week, Jayaram was up and running, managing the NDA operations and processing an average of 25 NDAs a week with next-day turnaround. Revisions and improvements to the playbook are made based on experience in executing the client’s work in accordance with this client’s particular needs and interests. 

Favorable Outcomes & Happy Clients

The project has been extremely successful, and the client has been able to act on various purchase opportunities in short order as a result. With our systematic and well-informed approach, seller-side counsel agrees to our client-favorable terms within three email exchanges 100% of the time and without needing to jump on calls, producing lower legal costs and faster positive results in our client’s favor. We’re now designing expanded NDA operations for this client based on the program’s success, which in FY 2023 will look to incorporate additional elements of technology enablement. (It seems we’ve made it hungrier!)