Dracula Single Among NPR’s Favorite of 2018

Last year, firm founder Vivek Jayaram co-founded a record label with longtime pal and Miami music industry vet Lauren Reskin and Las Nubes drummer Emile Milgrim.  Dubbed Sweat Records Records (an obvious nod to Lauren’s legendary record store, Sweat Records), the label has aspirations to showcase contemporary music emerging the tropical potpourri that is Miami.

The label’s first act is Dracula, a haunting folk duo that sings in three languages and have become fast critical darlings.  Their first single, a cover of the chart-topping Selena hit “Como La Flor,” found its way onto NPR’s best tracks of 2018:  “For nearly a decade, Dracula existed only as a live act, brief seances to be happened upon around the dimmer bars of Miami. Dracula deals in transmutation, as in its spellbinding cover of Selena’s “Como La Flor,” an aching ballad that preserves the wist and self-strength of the original. Dracula may no longer be exclusively live, but the magic of “Como La Flor,” like love or loss, is that it is never the same song twice.”

Dracula is Dorys Bello and Eli Oviedo.  Their debut LP, “Doris y Eli,” can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and on vinyl in your favorite record store.  Check them out at https://open.spotify.com/artist/2WLWlfRJMHXTQ56r0vRoje