Does Your Company Need a Business Debt Collection Attorney?

Here are some tips from a Chicago business debt collection attorney on how to tell if your
company could benefit from the services of a business debt collection lawyer:

If your company does not have sufficient personnel to handle the load of uncollected debt;

If your company does not want to add staff or overhead to handle collections;

If your company has recently gone through a merger or acquisition and has a sudden influx of
unpaid invoices to handle;

If your company’s receivables are not producing adequate cash flow to fund operations;

If your company is a sales-driven operation that does not focus on credit worthiness and
therefore needs aggressive collections assistance;

If your company is too small to have a dedicated collections specialist to focus on bad debt.

The Jayaram Law is a Chicago business law firm providing a range of legal services
to middle-market businesses, with an emphasis on business litigation, business to business
collections, local counsel representation, preparation and review of business transactions, and
copyright and trademark licensing.

The Jayaram Law routinely and successfully assists its clients in their business-to-
business collection needs. We take pride in obtaining payment on accounts receivables without
fracturing critical business relationships or engaging in time-consuming and costly litigation
efforts. If you need business debt collection services conducted in a professional manner,
contact our B2B debt collection law firm.