Client Spotlight: Ned McGregor – Filmscape Chicago

1. What is Filmscape?
Filmscape Chicago is an educational event for the local film and television community. We bring together local film students, technicians, and filmmakers for two days of classes and networking. We also feature an expansive show floor, where more than fifty leading industry manufacturers and service providers show their latest tech.

2. How did Filmscape get started?
Filmscape began two years ago as a small event for IATSE Local 476, which is the local studio mechanics union here in Chicago. I think that first year we had ten exhibitors and fewer than one hundred attendees. Since then we have grown considerably, getting support from many local organizations, including DePaul University, Barbizon Lighting, Keslow Camera, IATSE Local 600, and MBS Equipment Company.

3. What sets Filmscape apart from other trade shows/organizations?
The main thing that sets us apart is our focus on education. There are a lot of shows that are just product, and some that offer education to resellers – classes to learn how to sell their products. Our education is aimed at the end user, and the end user of every experience level. We have a run of 101-level classes and a run of deep dive seminars. We are also an entirely free event. Our mission is to be a resource to the entire Chicago film community, and our board believes firmly that this means every class at every level has to be completely free of charge for our audience.

4. What part of the show are you most excited about?
We have a couple of classes that I am really excited for. We’re extremely fortunate to have Harry Box, who literally wrote the book on film lighting technology, coming to do a seminar for us on the changes in the industry over the past five years. Jay Holben, who works with American Cinematographer Magazine, will be coming to do a few of our deep-dive seminars on technology and technique, with excerpts from his twenty years with the magazine.

I’m also excited for the opportunities the show will afford the community. Just the networking potential alone for some of our film student attendees, two days of talking to manufacturers and rental houses and film festivals. We’re working hard to get our classes certified for continuing education credits on a national level for our working technicians who need to keep their certifications up to date.
Read more about Filmscape Chicago at their website,, or follow @filmscapechicago – and be sure to register for the event on September 7 & 8!