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A Word From Edwin Foster

Graduation. “I want everyone who can hear me to raise your hand.” (*Awkward Pause*) “Now, raise it a little higher.” (Another *Awkward Pause*)“Now, ask yourself:

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Favorite Holiday Memories

With the holidays in full force, we asked those nearest and dearest to us about their favorite holiday moments across the years. Wishing you and

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Dynamo CEO: Leslie Davis

Diversity is in our DNA at Jayaram. So when NAMWOLF, the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, hosted their annual meeting of

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HOURS: Jessica Ryan

What does a normal day look like for an innovator? Anything but normal. HOURS unpacks what a day in the life looks like for our

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A Wellness-Oiled Machine

BY KELLY CAPUTO   The Tuesday morning train that I take into the office shows absolutely no signs that we spent the past two years,

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Notes on Digital Collecting

BY ANDREW NICOTRA REILLY   Twenty twenty-two has proven to be a highly economically volatile year, and the NFT market has been no exception. In

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