B2B Collections Worst Practices: How To Make Sure You Never See Your Money Again

Your customer is past due on their invoices. You want your money, and you have every right to contact your customer to collect that money. Well here are five ways to drive your customer up a wall and make sure you never see your money again:

  1. Pursue them daily with threatening phone calls and emails, and even the occasional intimidation fax. There’s nothing like rudeness to motivate non-paying clients to send you money. If this doesn’t get them to pay, then step it up by calling twice a day. If you get their voicemail, make sure your message is impolite and aggressive.
  2. Send invoices that are vague and incomplete, and send them late. Your customer is the one who owes you money, so why should you put out all the effort to get everything correct? If you send the invoice out late, so what? The customer is the one who needs to be on time with the payment. If not, they should be prepared to reap the consequences.
  3. Intensify your efforts the instant your customer goes from 30 to 31 days past due. Call them the moment the day starts, and ask for the owner or CEO. Go straight to the top and demand immediate payment.
  4. Accept nothing but full payment. If your customer is experiencing difficult circumstances, that isn’t your problem. When they bought your product or services, they knew what they were getting into. Accept no excuses. Put your foot down and let them know you want all your money and you want it now!
  5. In addition to interest, slander your customer everywhere if they don’t pay. If they can’t manage to pay on time, then they’ll have to pay with damage to their reputation.

Unfortunately, some companies actually employ these truly appalling steps in their collection efforts, typically to their own peril. Consider these to be B2B collections worst practices. If you want to retrieve money due to you, then keep a more productive attitude that keeps the relationship with your client strong.

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