Accounts Receivable Management: Account Reconciliation and Extending Credit

Attention to detail is an indispensable skill for an AR manager, and it is particularly useful in the troubleshooting and policy aspects pertaining to account reconciliation and credit extension.

Account Reconciliation

Where payments, finance charges, and balances are concerned, your customer’s records may differ from those of your company. It is your accounts receivable manager’s responsibility to reconcile those differences so that they do not inhibit payment or cause confusion. A training program for your AR manager (and the department as a whole) might include mock exercises to instruct candidates the steps that need to be taken to resolve these issues.

Credit Extension

When deciding on whether or not to extend credit to a customer, it is the responsibility of the accounts receivable manager to assess the company’s financial risk in relation to the customer’s ability pay on invoices.  Firm credit management policies can offer guidance to an AR manager trainee.

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