The Jayaram Story.

Established in 2009
Minority founded, majority female
30+ team members
Accredited member of National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms
Offices in New York City, Chicago, Miami

Fourteen years ago, Jayaram began a mission to smooth the road for clients, and to facilitate the creation of the unique and everlasting, so that more original ideas and creators are able to achieve greatness.

We experienced the ‘other’ way, working in big traditional law firms. And while it was a strong business, it wasn’t right for us and the innovators we serve. 

There was no place for them, or for us, to be our authentic selves.

So Jayaram created a place where lawyers, innovators, and brands could come as they are. And where the people who guide you value cultural authenticity, and show genuine care for one another as much as you.

Here, building great brands and companies are the result of embracing your truest self and amplifying your creative instinct with support, guidance, and a human-centered approach to legal practice and creation from people who truly understand you and your passions.

Jayaram is built for original ideas. And our own team of innovators champion your dreams.

We protect the real ones. We bring together like-minded businesses and brands. Navigate cutting edge technology. And incubate, accelerate, and unlock value that others can’t see.

We serve the most creative people and companies in the world because creativity and the resulting work, matters. It marks time. It changes things. It changed us and we spend every day helping it change everything.

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