A Word From the Partners



As we put the finishing touches on 2021, we (the executive committee of Jayaram Law) got together to discuss some of the year’s greatest joys, biggest challenges and what we’re most excited for in 2022. Perhaps this exercise will inspire you to do the same; we would love to hear what you come up with!

This year saw tremendous growth for our firm. In fact, we hired 17 new team members! Getting to know each colleague as not only a co-worker, but also a person is one of the greatest joys of being part of this team. Jayaram Law is not just a company where we all work, it’s a place where we each bring our full self. The summer’s ease of COVID-19 restrictions meant we could begin to meet in person again. We were thrilled to open our Chicago office for optional in-person work and began regular teamwork days in New York at our co-working space, Luminary. We found we were all so hungry to spend time together that in-person working days were something to look forward to and always full of joy. Finally, our fourth partner, Liz, welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world this year! We can’t wait to meet you, Owen! 

We’re not sure if the challenges of 2021 were greater than those of past years, but after the exhaustion of 2020, they often seemed more insurmountable. We banded together (remotely) when colleagues got sick, a few of us had emergencies that needed tending, and we even had to say goodbye to some beloved family, friends, and pets this year. It’s safe to say that even as times get tough (looking at you, COVID-19 variants), we find that fostering a team that cares about their work—and each other—truly makes an impact on the quality of the ever-elusive ideal work-life balance.

At the same time, knowing not to allow difficulty to overshadow, the year was a time of exponential growth and new journeys. Particularly of note, our clients are embracing new technologies like non-fungible tokens, blockchain and the new creative world existing in the metaverse. They’ve sold their companies and started new ones; acquired companies and expanded their offerings; and hired by the dozens. We’re happy to report that we’ve helped our clients navigate these newly emerging economies and corporate efforts by doing what we do best: using the law as a creative tool to help our clients achieve their goals. 

That’s why 2022 shines like a beacon on the hill—full of hope and promise! We cannot wait to share our New York office with the world in Q1 and are already busy planning the events, salons, dinners, client meetings, co-working days and parties we will be hosting. Meanwhile, our clients are poised and situated to transform fashion, visual arts, healthcare, data, consulting, food, technology, gaming and so much more . . .

We know 2022 is going to be stellar, and we cannot wait to share the future with you.

Happy Everything and Cheers to 2022: here’s to all the bright new beginnings ahead of us!

Heidi, Vivek and Wendy