A Firm Grip: Meet Zahreen Ghaznavi & Lucien Carter

Zahreen Ghaznavi is a litigator in New York. She handles IP and commercial litigation for the firm’s clients. Education Columbia Law School, Yale University Former Gigs Success Academy Charter Schools, Kirkland & Ellis Area(s) of law you enjoy most Lucky for me, I enjoy IP litigation because the clients are cool and the problems are interesting but self-contained; otherwise, it would have to be M&A/deal litigation because the cases move fast and the judges in Delaware Chancery Court are super knowledgeable. Area you don’t work in but are curious about I would have to say family and juvenile law and maybe immigration law – I follow the news on both those topics pretty closely already. Cats or Dogs? I like both (I like most animals to be honest), but are deathly allergic to cats, so dogs! (Side note: my dog’s instagram handle is @ olivianoodlejohn, and she really is the most adorable dog in the world.) First Post-Pandemic Destination? Italy – despite being married for almost 3 years, my partner and I haven’t gone on our honeymoon there! Person You Admire Not counting family, I would have to say I really admire Geoffrey Canada, the founder of Harlem Children’s Zone – learning about his theory on how to break the cycle of poverty had a profound impact on me and my thinking.

Lucien Carter

Lucien Carter is an IP lawyer in Chicago. He supports clients on copyright, trademark, and data privacy issues. Education UCLA School of Law, Harvard University Former Gigs OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network, David Lynch Foundation, 20th Century Fox Area(s) of law you enjoy most A tie between copyright law and trademark law. Area you don’t work in but am curious about Artificial Intelligence law because the technology is increasingly intriguing and the law is developing so quickly. Cats or Dogs? All animals, particularly my one year old Bernedoodle, Milo. First Post-Pandemic Destination? Wherever there is no snow. Person You Admire My mother, for putting up with me as a kid.