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An OpenSea of Fakes

BY VIVEK JAYARAM, FOUNDER     How big is the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? In Q4 2021 alone, crypto collectors bought and sold $11

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We caught up with founders in our universe to chat about their recent accomplishments and planned goals for the future. Here’s what they had to

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INTERVIEW BY ERICA KERMAN, SENIOR ASSOCIATE   It seems that nowadays, everyone could use a helping hand; but, especially those who are younger and most

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We often are asked what a normal day looks like for our lawyers. Normal is something most of us don’t know much about, but in

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Suite Talk: Equity

Exploring the in’s and out’s, what if’s, and but’s for C-Suite matters. BY ERICA KERMAN, SENIOR ASSOCIATE As an early-stage founder or executive, you may

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