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The USPTO v. BOOKING.COM decision and the future of consumer perception evidence for generic marks. The Supreme Court affirmed that a generic word combined with

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Google v. Oracle

Later this year, the United States Supreme Court will decide whether Google infringed on Oracle when it used Java Application Programming Interfaces (“API”) in creating

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A Word from Vivek

At some point early in the last decade, I was introduced to a plumber named George from Los Angeles.  He said he needed some help

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On Our Radar: Xaviera Simmons

[INTERVIEWER] You obtained your BFA in 2004 from Bard College and completed the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Independent Study Program in Studio Art in

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15 Records I Love

I really enjoy listening to music on vinyl.  I don’t, however, listen to just anything on a turntable.  There are certain kinds of rhythm driven

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TikTok vs. Copyright Law

While many businesses have experienced COVID-19 related disruptions, there is one notable exception. Around March 2020, TikTok saw an exponential growth in users after many

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